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Combining a group of wise and powerful men, they use their ability and skill to influence and shape the world.
And knowing Mother Earth's cannot endure the impact of human for much longer, they must take extreme measures to save her before its too late.
The one and only solution they decided is to wipe out 99.99% of the "virus"' that is plaguing our Mother Earth ---the virus that is known as Human Being.
Selecting those whom they think are worthy to live in the aftermath, they believe with the right teachings, the next generation of human will have the wisdom to live symbiotically with Mother Earth.
And when signs of Armageddon happen to appear more frequently, and powers of the unnatural kind start to form in men, then was the time to act. It is the time for DEEP BLUE to step in and activate their plan.
Naming themselves after creatures of the ocean, DEEP BLUE have formidable champions and assassins such as ORCA and THE GRATE WHITE, and BLUE as their leader. Don't let the name BLUE fools you, with wisdom tenfold above any geniuses, his destructive force are more powerful then THE GRATE WHITE and ORCA combine.
Within DEEP BLUE, many call BLUE the "one thousand". For his known powers are equivalent to 1000 nuclear weapons.
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