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The Story
The Story
Based in the present times --- a time when human finally has enough power to destroy the Earth truly.

Knowing the end was approaching, a group of wise and powerful men have to step up.

By whatever means necessary, they are determined to save what's left of our Mother Earth and the good of the human civilization.

They call themselves ... DEEP BLUE.

However their actions have gone beyond "reasonable" --- beyond genocide , into the realm of Armageddon, one man has to bring a halt to this madness ....

Using his powers, he faces foes that are equally powerful or sometimes even stronger than him.

But even though his love for Mother Earth is as much as any environmentalists, for what he truly believes in is Life --- that a human life should not be taken away just because its not good enough for the environment.

For this reason, he fights for those who cannot fight for themselves, even if it means he has to face death. He call himself TIGER SHARK.

Even though he knows he is neither the strongest nor the most fierce among the army of the DEEP BLUE, his stealth, determination, and focus should not be underestimated; and when he also has unstoppable powers, he believes they are aware of the signs of fate -- telling him what he has to do, what needs to be done.
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