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Tiger Shark movie
Another movie adaptation of a comic book? What makes“Tiger Shark”so special compare to the others?
Looking closely at the movie industry in China, there weren’t many examples of movies made from comic book series. Since 1998, Hong Kong had made a few attempts after the huge success of “The Storm Riders” and the “Young and Dangerous” series, such as “A Man called Hero”, “Dragon Tiger Gate” and “Storm Riders II”, “Feel 100%”,”Old Master Q”…etc., all of which were far from able to attain the same financial achievement as their precedents. Is the idea of comic books series turning into movies a flop? This is not true. Remember last year “The Avengers” presented by Marvel Studio, had made a great success in the Hong Kong box office; and there was a box office of RMB 460 million (USD 74 million) within three weeks in mainland China, and the number of audience who watched the movie in cinemas reached over 3 million. “Dark Knight Rises” presented by Warner Brothers has also had over one million audience with the box office income over a RMB 320 million (USD 52 million).

So what went wrong with the local Hong Kong comic book movies? One of the sayings is that once the film production company obtained the rights to adapt the comic books, they changed the storylines or characters from the original comic books. The comic book fans were so disappointed that they refused to go to the cinemas to support. Also, with the lack of knowledge in copyrights, many filmmakers did not take full benefits of the many commercial opportunities.

Learning from all the above examples, OCSignature is proud to announce the realization of “Tiger Shark” onto the big silver screen. By inviting the original creator Mr. Wan Yat Leung (Fred) to join the team, “Tiger Shark” would be closely monitored throughout the production of this movie to preserve the original flavor of the story. At the same time, October Pictures Limited will maximize the advantages of the copyrights to attract commercial opportunities like multi-media video games, animations, original comic books reading on mobile phones, miniature fiction, figures and toys, as well as daily goods printed with “Tiger Shark” logo. The result is not only to facilitate the promotion campaign for the movie, but also to maximize the profit return for investors.
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