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About Ocean Creative
About Ocean Creative
Born in 1966, Wan has been in the comics field for over twenty years. Strongly influenced by films and comics from around the world, he created many renowned titles displaying a wide range of skills and styles. His better known works include If I Were King, Black Leopard, as well as Tiger Shark and Warlord published by Ocean Creative Company Limited, a publishing house he founded. Wan is one of the most versatile comic artists in Hong Kong with a diverse portfolio. Tiger Shark series were the best comics from Fred Wan and well received by the media and readers. Wan wants his works to appeal to readers of different ages and to stimulate their interests in comics. He finds this a lot more fulfilling and meaningful than chasing after fame and fortune.

Science fiction master

Fred Wan’s comics encompasses many different genres, such as ghosts stories (If I Were King), martial arts comics (Black Leopard), hybrid science fiction and martial arts comics (Tiger Shark, Warlord), which transplants the action from the Earth to the Moon and other distant galaxies; not to mention the recent Swearing Man, featuring copious swearing. He manages to infuse all of his works with a distinctive style, proving that he is one of the most imaginative, innovative and versatile comics artists in Hong Kong.

Of his many works, Black Leopard, Tiger Shark and Warlord are the most well-liked. Even though they all belong to the mainstream martial arts genre, Wan applies novel techniques of storytelling. For example, in Tiger Shark, the story stretches from the 1920s to the futuristic 2007 (the comic was written in the 1990s), and is full of fantasy elements with explosive action sequence. Perhaps because Wan had studied in the United Kingdom, his drawing style is slightly European and American, with clean compositions and figures with muscular bodies, which is different from most other Hong Kong comics. Even though his dialogue is often peppered with English words, he also makes use of plenty of Cantonese vulgarities, slang words or even swear words (particularly in Swearing Man), which gives his works a particular local flavour.

In 1994, Wan founded Ocean Creative Company Limited, and invited fellow artists to be his creative partners. The company flourished in the 1990s within the Hong Kong comics scene.

In addition to Swearing Man, Wan’s recent works include the autobiographical Razor Back-The path of the Beast, the content and the characters of which are highly satirical. He has also collaborated with Lee Chung-ho, Yuen Ka-bo and Cho Chi-ho to create the comics magazine Ocean Crazy, which contains the works of several comics artists in one thinly-bound volume. This is a new format within the Hong Kong comics scene, which well demonstrates Wan’s spirit of innovation.


● TIGER SHARK was voted as a one of Hong Kong Classic comic Charater in Hong Kong Avenue of Comic Stars 2012.
● The best origional comic in 1997.
● The best script in 1997
● The best director in 1997
● Also Mr. Wan, Yat-Leung was horoured to be one of the "4 Top Comic Artists" in Hong Kong by "East Touch" magazine.
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